Electro Therapy Point Stimulation

I have been using a pair of hand-held ETPS tens units to treat many pain conditions and stimulate spinal nerve roots for my massage clients with an impressive measure of success. Most noteable improvements have been the relief of CARPAL TUNNEL PAIN SYNDROME and relief of swelling and pain in ARTHRITIC and INJURED JOINTS!

Gadsden Pain Relief Management

ETPS therapy is a simple, safe and effective modality. Each unit has a fine tip which is moved over the skin surface until a frequency pitch emitted by the unit is high enough to indicate the location of an area needing treatment. When the point (often corresponding to an accupuncture point) is located, the tip is depressed into the skin’s surface (not peircing the skin as in accupuncture) and a flow of DC current is transmitted into the point sending healing stimulation to an area which is experiencing impulse interference or diminished nerve activity. Renewal of nerve supply then relaxes surrounding muscle tissue and brings more oxygen and nutrients to the area through increased blood flow and evacuation of toxins/waste from the area through better lymphatic flow.

Check out these videos from the manufacturer, then call if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.


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